He rests in a wheelchair, he does not walk,

An old man is not the proper phrase for you,

A human being, a man with feelings from the heart.

Wheelchair bound, how much longer will he be around,

A wish may be granted, a grandson in a high school play.

There would be no way to go until a special man would make it so,

A wheel chair ambulance, a request to a boss, an offer from a heart.

On his day off, someone I know, Timothy Harling from an Indiana town,

My girlfriends’ son, a gift for an old man makes him on this day, number one.

An EMT, six foot seven but gentle as a soul can be, Southbend is where he dreams,

This is to you, Tim, to give of your self, make an old man smile and his wish come true.

Timothy Harling, South Bend, Indiana.

Keith Garrett

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