Thinking about it as merely a wondering, curious thought,

My every day and all that I do appears to be a life that’s true.

Whether your time here has been of happiness or just sad,

What if and just suppose that it wasn’t yours, wasn’t real.

All that you know and everything you have, are you dreaming,

What if as you are asleep your mind has made up and written a story.

Perhaps a lifetime, the friends, family members, that which you know to be,

Has no reality, that but a dream or to awake to a nightmare of screams.

Is my life a dream,? will I awake to find that nothing is as it seemed,

Reality is not what I have seen, for what appeared to be an eternity.

What if the life you believe to be is an accident, a long coma state,

Ask yourself, is my life a dream,? what if I had a different reality.?

Keith Garrett

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