Yesterday, what we see as hundreds of years ago is gone,

History it is to us, read about in books of long lost times.

The days are always moving along, we do take for granted the morning,

The setting sun is a most spectacular sight, heading into the night.

Here where we stand may still be standing, another will be standing,

100 years from today the world that we know will have much changed.

Just as we wonder what life was like back in a time of cowboys and pioneers,

Tomorrow’s people will also wonder and read about our time and place.

100 years from today we will be a part of history, others will be amazed,

Just as we are amazed and dream of those times when the world appeared to be a dream.

Keith Garrett


2 thoughts on “100 YEARS FROM TODAY

  1. Hi Keith, a very thought-provoking piece. And it reminded me; there’s a fascinating documentary called ‘Into Eternity’ about the burial of nuclear waste – and what language or symbology we can use to denote contaminated areas to whatever cultures/life exists on the planet in 10,000 years time. It may look like hieroglyphics to future folk but it’s not a pyramid full of gold; it’s poison. Sorry, bit of a tangent there. 🙂

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