Heavy It is, It weighs on everyone’s shoulders, the world hurts,

What to do as our world gets smaller and the number of souls grows.

Crowded, the skies are filled with flying machines heading everywhere,

Traffic lights soon will stand upon our oceans, cars may suddenly stop.

Where will all the trash go, it finds Its way Into the streets, nobody sees,

Plow It under, pretend It goes away, Into the drains chemicals make their way.

Competition to rule the world, how many bombs can be made before Insanity sets one free,

Fake smiles from those who share power, privacy Is no more as they are out there watching.

Weight of the world, It is upon all of our shoulders but not one of us is really In control,

We are all at the mercy of the universe but we have been given a piece of it as a gift,

The life Is being drained from it, who or what watches as we tear it apart, we have nowhere to go.

Keith Garrett


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