A fight for survival, mans quest for power to rule,

Fear and ignorance but money will be the tool.

Inventors of destruction, builders of a force,

The enemy is our brother, traitor to the land.

Which side are we on, who is on our side,

Conflict and hatred, how many must have to die.?

And then there were none, not much left to say,

Put the bombs away, we may have another day.

Keith Garrett




  1. Great poem man! You got my thoughts going now. Its going to be a good day. Thank you!

    I feel like there is so much out there attacking us. You are right, its our brothers that betray the land in conflict and hatred. It is a circumstances of events that play out because one decide this, while the other decides that. I think about our children, the next generation…what happens next? I pray for our future, whatever comes to fruition, let it be good.

    Every man is right in his own eyes, but God weighs the heart. I believe that. I am not entitled to anything. I was born here. Don’t remember asking to be born either 🙂 I still have to do right by the decisions I make. We do create to destroy, this is sad. This is why we have to do right by those decisions, I am creating joy in my heart and family with those decision, because I want to leave something behind they can use, something that they won’t squander. Our here time is short but man love another day. Amen Keith. I gonna share this one if you don’t mind.

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