I started writing in 1998, my first poem was called my fight.

I remember sitting on the floor, a drink, pain, and much sadness.

At the time I was fighting for custody of my children and at times hiding.

My poem was about my children, today it is in a frame on my desk.

I wrote my poetry on paper in those days, I didn’t own a computer.

I never let anyone read my writing, I didn’t want their opinions.

I finally gave myself a treat, I went and bought a computer.

I spent many months typing out my poems, a lot have pictures to them.

To this day I have thousands of poems, 23 binders and still writing.

I started letting people read them many years ago, I had the chance

to read them in front of an audience thanks to my son’s Kung- Fu Instructor.

I was scared but started doing it at every Demonstration and award ceremonies.

A guy that I was speaking with once suggested I start a blog, post my writing.

My sons’ girlfriend got me started, she set up WordPress and helped me out.

I have made some friends on here as well as so much support with my writing.

I have learned not to get angry, I opened myself up to opinions and criticism.

I just say thank you for reading and think about what has been said about a poem.

I have learned a lot from having a blog on WordPress, I appreciate all of you.

I can write better and have had many ideas thanks to your thoughts and comments.

Thank you for reading,

Keith Garrett



  1. I can’t tell you how much I loved the idea / image of you reading your poetry in front of your sons’ Kung Fu Instructor’s audience. The vastness of that as a community of care makes me so happy. The joy in imagining you overcoming your pounding heart and sweaty palms and doing it because it needed to be done. Poetry as salve and salvation, as shared commitment and shared art. Bravo you and all your listeners.

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