Memories of Yorba Linda and my parents are something from a dream,

It seems like it was yesterday, so many years ago when we were together.

We had our house on Fernglen Drive, we lived in the moment, no worries,

From nineteen seventy-two to nineteen seventy-seven we were a family there.

Five years seemed like a lifetime back then, so many great times in that house.

Not everything or day was perfect, We all had our own struggles and bad times.

My Mothers name was Barbara, unfortunately, she passed away on March 16, 2019.

I remember them both so young and alive, busy lives like every other parent.

My father had passed away in nineteen sixty-nine, Halloween night, horrible!

Doug Keener is my stepfather, I recently found out that he was diagnosed with

Dementia. We go from young with energy to not just getting older but these

Diseases that take everything from us. Yorba Linda was my favorite place in life.

Barbara and Doug had fights and laughter, nights of family dinners and watching T.V.

They spent time with friends, out to dinner and family trips that would come to an end.

Yorba Linda still rests there in my mind, with the hills that once were, the old streets.

A house that still is, who lives in it who has no idea or thoughts of us in it.

My parents did have lives once upon a time in a house upon a hill, Yorba Linda.

My mother is gone now, a stepfather who is now getting ready to slowly disappear.

He will at some point forget that house, a wife he once had, good and bad times.

Yorba Linda and all of us will be gone from a man’s mind, memories of great days.

My mother was once a beautiful lady, she took care of her family and had troubles

of her own. When I think about seven kids in the house and two stepsisters over

for the Summer, I don’t know how they did it, a lot of work and a drink or two in hand.

Yorba Linda and my parents was a long time ago, memories that rest in cobwebs

In a long-ago town.

Keith Garrett



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