I do not own a home or a treasure chest of gold,

Stocks and bonds are few, diamonds are a little too.

I am not a rich man as calculated by statistics and daily man,

A special car or a vacation home does not show of my value,

I am not a rich man, estimated by paper money or material things.

But rich I am, If life is valued in a simple way, just a regular day,

These things are free but of gold bars to me, listen to what makes a rich man.

If love is in your day then rich you are in a most special way,

I can walk and see with my every day, I breathe freely, I’m okay.

A roof over my head, clothes on my back, never to bed am I hungry,

So much can cost money, beauty, staying healthy, a song you sing is free,

But rich I am, with that which is mine and my thoughts every way.

Keith Garrett


13 thoughts on “I AM NOT A RICH MAN, BUT RICH I AM

  1. I agree! The word ‘rich’ has so many connotations. As you note in your poem, to some ‘rich’ means money, possessions, status and all that goes with it. To others, it means rich in life. If love abounds and talents/hobbies are plentiful, then richness is surely filling every day. Thank You for sharing! Have a blessed day!

  2. I think people take for granted the small things. Breathing, sleeping in a warm bed, loving one another, etc. In these perilous times, it’s way more important to be grateful for those things that truly make us rich. Material things come and go, but love, family and community are forever. Like my grandma used to say, “You might can’t stand your family, but love them you will.”

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