Jealousy for a young girl would soon turn to grief,

Wishing selfishly that her newborn brother would never be.

Through coincidence and reasons only God knows, a brother dies,

Believing in her heart and mind that her bad thoughts are to blame

She travels far, high upon a mountain where closer to God she might be.

Tired, so very tired as she lays herself down upon the mountain ground,

Before she sleeps a prayer she makes to God for her brothers’ life in place of her own.

When the morning light shines this child awakes covered in warmth and a man with a smile,

Where did he come from as he asks how she slept and a bowl of hot porridge offered to her?

He asks of her journey there, he is a most unusual sort of man who appears to possess much wisdom,

She speaks of her conversation with God as he listens with a look of great understanding.

“What is your name she asks,” I am Jonathan! this is my mountain and you are far from home,

I wanted to be as high as possible so that God would hear me when I said I was sorry.

Listen, child! It’s not your fault, he has made his decision, your brother with him, you with your family,

Was this a miracle that a father found his daughter high on a mountain, was he shown the way,

Where was Jonathan, was he an angel,? she shared time with him, never again was he seen.

Keith Garrett


6 thoughts on “JONATHAN

  1. It is so hard, when something horrible happens there seems to always be some way to find guilt from your own actions. After losing my husband and son I have asked God so many time what it was that I did to have this happen to me. I know it isn’t my fault and it isn’t a punishment and I truly believe it but it is so hard to find any sense in death.

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