Across the land, voyaging Into the hotness of the powerful sun,

I tread slowly so that I do not perish on my quest to finish, to weather the storm.

Many things’ of Interest as I make my way through this obstacle,

Of rocks’ and plants’ born to this world of natural wonder.

By myself I’ve traveled for what appears’ to be a lifetime,

While the suns’ now sinking Into the night as a cool breeze awakes.

There’s a fear being a prisoner to the Intense darkness, the loneliness,

Am I alone with what Inhabits’ these surroundings’, they’re watching.

There are many eyes fixed on me,friend or foe, how shall I know,

Some keep their distance, not wanting to attack, others’ are stalking,

Seeking to steal or cause great pain.

I’ve seen the living proof, I’ll make It to where I’m going.

Keith Garrett


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