A fragrance is in the air, everything is alive, colorful blooms,

Wind blowing through trees which sway and dance together,

A mixture of clouds and sun drift slowly across a wide open sky.

Nights are of a cool feel to them, days are getting longer, I miss you,

Spring is here, I wish you could see it, the birds everywhere, you are too.

Imagine do I you drifting by as a cloud, fading into forever,

A breeze visits here on this day, with the wind your voice may echo.

Spring without you is a first in my life, the weather becomes warm,

Your smile and laughter have faded, Mom, it is that you are gone.

A better place in which no human being has yet seen, like a dream,

Hear you when I listen, see you in my thoughts, you were Mom,

Spring without you will turn to all seasons, thinking of you.

Keith Garrett

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