A speck of dust, just a trickle of water,

Soon would blow with the wind and dry into nothing.

Our time is now for we are a whisper wanting to be heard,

A short period for laughter, remembered for what we leave.

For so long has time existed, the world, the universe so large,

We are but a fragment, a particle of all that was created.

A moment in time was this gift we were given from God above,

A moment to see and love all there is to understand from this.

Where we go from here we shall not know, but hold no fear,

Like many fallen leaves from a tree, we are one, we disappear.

Keith Garrett

7 thoughts on “A MOMENT IN TIME

  1. Wow, it is perfect just like the other person commented. This poem unquestionably made me pause, and reflect on everything.
    Thank you for sharing it with us!

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