My thoughts and memories go way back In time to a faraway place,

Not so far In distance anymore as the distance In my mind, Amesbury.

There are times when I can smell the air and still feel the cold, snow,

I remember I was only four and a half, I do recall that far back, East.

My eyes can see those purple grapes on the vines, the hills up above our house,

Playing with my friend Donnie, we had many adventures as kids back then.

I’m not really sure but there appeared to be woods or trees down our street,

I remember riding my batman bike, a cellar outback I do believe, not a dream.

I had a bag of blocks, all different colors and shapes, I was just a small boy,

I can remember the snowstorms that put the power out, I can see candles In the house.

A memory of being In my bed staring at my Herman Munster head on the dresser,

Coloring books, cartoons such as Milton the monster show, Christmas Eve snow.

Icicles hanging from rooftops, making snowmen out In the freezing cold,

Sometimes I want to go home, back to where It all began, when I was most happy.

I remember laying on my parents’ bed, staring up at a full moon, when will they be home,

I think of a dad out In the snow, can somebody answer me, where did he go.?

Throwing snowballs Into the street, cold through my gloves, I remember me,

So many memories locked Inside the mind of a long lost child once upon a time.

Amesbury, Massachusetts seems like a dream, A story written from thoughts of a child,

There once was a boy named Keith, he had a life that’s been written In a book put away.

It sets on a shelf but never does It again get read, thoughts that rest forever In a man’s head.

Keith Garrett


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