Once in a while, I travel back in time to a place I walked,

Through my time of youth where I played and ran wild.

I knew of her as a child back in the day of mischief,

Young and full of energy were we, never seemed to be tired.

The heat from the Summer sun wasn’t so harsh at that age,

Growing up in a town of many friends and memories so great.

We lived for the moment as many moments would pass by into the future,

How is it that the grandparents we once had we have now become.?

We changed and went our separate ways, finding our way in this strange world,

Becoming parents, having children and grandchildren as the cycle goes.

Full circle as today we find ourselves in the same place after a lifetime apart,

As long as we’re together nothing else matters, time comes when we need to

Just think of ourselves and let all others live and move along into their future.

As long as we’re together, everything will forever be better.

Keith Garrett


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