I saw it when I was a child, a castle with stairs that went high,

At the top, a suit of armor like a knight from centuries long ago.

Why was I there, I do not recall such a place, the snow, many a face,

When I was young it was very real, was this a dream that I did feel?

A hall with many rooms from my eyes I did see, a ghost in white,

It wandered within this place, was it a thought as I slept on a night?

I went to sleep one night when I was seven, In my dream, God was a child,

My fingers were bones, never did I see such a scene ever again.

Knocked on my neighbors’ door, what appeared was never before,

A witch with such laughter, made me rise into the air, not so real.

Between dreams and memories, what I have seen may have been dreams,

That which I thought were dreams may have been by me, seen.

Keith Garrett



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