Once without chains, no bars to hold them inside,

Free men with the gift of choice, unwise in their thoughts.

Descent men maybe once, a moment of pure sin,

Damned to await their own fate, a day with eternity.

They committed the ultimate crime in life,

No right was theirs to make a decision of god.

Taken for granted the freedom that was given,

That which they gave away.

Missed now by them is the daily wanting desires that free men might have,

Now they await their judgment day,

As their hourglass empties, they can only wait.

Keith Garrett


4 thoughts on “DESIRES OF THE DAMNED

  1. Well-crafted with an edge and intensity that reflects the plight of the damned. The ending of the poem placed an exclamation point on the rest of the verses. Keith, thanks for sharing.

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