Tears flow from my eyes, I wish not to care about their minds,

There is blood flowing through my veins, blood of the related of many years.

With every angry sound, from the time the earth started spinning around,

As each and every battle from war, cries echo for thousands of years, with sound.

Wounds that don’t heal as they surface with time, one wrong word, explosion from the mind,

Civilizations disappear, towns of people that once were are no more, things age and die.

Life is an unusual adventure, travel from a place of beginning onward to an earthly end,

Blood spills in many ways, blood of pain, sorrow, the hurt from loved ones, red every day.

Drops of blood at my feet, they cannot be seen but they visit me from painful dreams,

Blood soaked land, drops of blood at my feet, blood on the hands of many a man.

Keith Garrett

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