It is I lord, a man with many questions, do you hear me,

I want to see you fore I do not know your face, do you see mine.

My voice echoes with sound, I speak from my mortal lips,

Your words are known to the world, I can surely hear you.

When I cry are my tears held by you with love and compassion,

Is the rain that falls from the sky merely sorrow from those that died.

If the bad, the evil choose to show what’s in them no good,

Do the good of heart possess in them the same temptation for sin.

Love is a thought, a feeling of warmth that touches ones’ soul,

Why is it painful, why does it grow old, please tell me O’ lord.

I stand before you just a poor man with a kind wanting heart,

I ask you to guide me through a pain that does haunt.

Sit with me lord and rock me to sleep, nightmares to dreams,

Take from me this fear that angers my peace.

Keith Garrett


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