Am I dreaming, selfish to expect or assume another chance,

A breath, watching the sunrise to a brand new day, see and be.

Why do I believe that my time is forever, but what may forever contain,

Is forever now, another moment, another day is so much to ask for.

One more day has been for so long a fantasy guaranteed, a child believed,

A long life is a miracle fore God gives us moment by moment as he sees.

We live one piece at a time, a puzzle with a number that tells of our life scenes,

One day at a time, to see the sunshine after a new morning light is a beautiful sight.

Love and cry under another evening, Summer sky, one more day not to say goodbye,

So many wonderful treasures and pleasures that have to be left behind, seems unkind.

One more day to play in the sand, listen to that favorite song walking hand in hand,

One more day to understand that we have only a limited time to be woman and man.

Keith Garrett


2 thoughts on “ONE MORE DAY

  1. Lovely, and to think because of the late hour it is that I almost skipped over your post. I’m glad I didn’t. It rekindled a forever promised and what that should be filled with, far from what has been the focus of late. Thank you.

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