I first opened my eyes, once tiny and bright to this world,

A memory I do hold but remember not as I was a baby.

Pictures of my life are few compared to the window of my mind,

Once only a child, things I knew were also few, children that played

With this child are lost with time, always in my mind.

The world seems smaller as my life has spread further with the passing days,

I’m getting older, once i was a young teenager moving ever so fast.

Birthday to birthday comes a new number pinned to my aging soul,

Grateful am I with a much appreciated thank you and love of god

That he has given me life this long, I hope and pray that one day I’ll

Be forever remembered and once in a while thought of by you.

I’m getting older, maybe a touch wiser, possibly a better me,

I’m getting older, remember who I am, my name is Keith,

I am a mortal man living in this gift layed in my hand.

Keith Garrett


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