Where have I seen you, have I seen you before, how is it I know you,

Do you recognize this forever searching man as he seeks the path?

I’ve strayed away from where it is I belong, not as lost as before,

Show me the kind hearted one who will walk with me as I search.

I’ve discovered and I’ve lost but through it all much has been gained,

The miracle I have sought has not been for me granted at this time.

But perhaps a gift not chosen is the right and chosen gift handed to me,

Prayed have I for peace, happiness, and love, I watched for it day and night.

Do I not listen and am I possibly a bit clouded in these eyes of mine,

Are these things of want circling me always as my heart is closed?

I’ve taken a step back from those who may show care and concern,

I’m unsure and confused of which is friend or foe, how will I know.

Some of those who mean the most to me are not here, do not appear,

I am here, sometimes a little bit lonely, I await a soul who might care.

Keith Garrett

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