I had walked the streets in a certain town,

For so many years, familiar faces and sounds.

Everything I did, all that I knew very comfortable,

It was my home but now it has gone and ended indeed.

Once again in life, this is my new beginning, strange it is,

I feel lost, a strange place with faces unknown to me.

Street names are just that, only names but not recognized,

Strangers are only people who have not yet become friends.

My new home has neighbors who have not yet become known,

Street names I will memorize so I will not get lost and all alone.

I like my new yard, yesterday has made many a change,

I now have a spot where I can be alone, I hide from the insane.

There is life that traveled with me, some that I have left behind,

I swim in a pool, this is my new day, I heard some new voices, walk a new way.

I’m an inch away from heaven, a lifetime from where I belong,

I can hear my father calling me, In my head, there is always a song.

Beginning to an end, the world is for us not to really understand,

I am here where I am, this is my new beginning, I am where I stand.

Keith Garrett


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