Anger, so much mistrust for the world, he’s angry,

That which he can not control, bothers him so.

Nothing wrong with letting it out, control is what it’s about,

Angry at that which has passed, let this go, an angry man knows.

Feeling at times the universe has let him down, the fire rages,

Inside he feels the water boil, what to do when there’s no place to run.

He pounds his fists against the stone wall, thoughts of vengeance stir,

Get even is one of many stories made from a man’s angry mind.

An angry man does not see the road clearly, thinking is altered,

Eats him up inside, wasted energy but how is he to do it right.?

He has been wronged, he is an angry man and needs a smart plan,

An angry man he can be, can an angry man soon find his peace.

Keith Garrett


13 thoughts on “AN ANGRY MAN

  1. Anger, when you control it, is one of the finest emotions. But when it controls you then that s the most dangerous one which will burn you down. And the way the author express the anger in the poetic words is peacefully placed to know his anger and his struggle to find peace through that.
    Good one 👍

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