Becoming crippled as we sit and wait for whatever happens,

We weaken as our rights are taken away by the enemy within.

Don’t be fooled by a handshake and a smile, meaningless words from lips of lies,

Hell has come to dinner, watch as the devil campaigns for the right to take.

Grab hold and never let go of the hand of God, hang on tight, there’s a fight,

At this moment it appears that we stand with only one leg, our blinded eyes.

We have lost strength as we possess only one hand to hold each other up,

The state of man is at a critical point dear people, line up and vote for the unknown.

There is something that one human soul may do, pray for the lesser evil,

Hang on to hope and that God is watching close, that he may Intervene in a great way.

There is a beautiful world being abused, taken for granted, like spitting in the Lords’s face,

May he strike down the evil ones before it’s too late, get ready for what’s heading our way.

Keith Garrett


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