Children, growing up together In a town, small with memories,

Boy and girl, friends from such a young age, playing games, walking In the rain.

Walking to school In the morning, laughing together In the Spring and Summer,

Sharing thoughts and at times secrets of Importance that weren’t meant for boy and girl.

They grew to be very close, this boy who would be there to protect a girl so loved,

Jonathan was a kindhearted friend and let It be known that he would do for Elizabeth anything.

She In return cared so much for him that It was said death would be a beautiful thing,

Jonathan and Elizabeth were now teenagers, a love that would change In a special way.

Together often as life changed, soon adulthood would bring them to man and woman,

Happiness was theirs as most knew of their bond, the future was already written.

Life can be altered In an Instance as their hands would be pulled apart,

Jonathan would keep for awhile the only secret ever from Elizabeth, his sickness.

With a failing heart, a prom dream come true, a drive afterward, a secret shared for two,

There’s a reason for all things as In a blink from the eye, one would surely die.

A car accident, slowly dying was his beloved Elizabeth, she would show the greatest love,

Her heart she would give to Jonathan just as always she had done, this for his life.

Elizabeth would forever live within Jonathan each day he awoke to the morning light,

Jonathan and Elizabeth, forever together and forever after they would be.

Keith Garrett



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