My wagon went off the road, It turned upside down and I’m hurt,

The weather Is good so I lay here In the sun of the day In much pain.

Looking around I see the damage, my supplies are everywhere scattered,

There are people counting on me but I am where not a heart will see me.

As I stare up to the sky I see hawks circling about, not today I say,

I’m alive! there must soon be another wagon on the road passing by.

The crows are getting at the ripped open bags of seed, I throw my empty canteen,

My friends, the town must be searching for me now, I will be found alive.

Time passes by, please find me before the light turns to the dark of night,

A sound, a rumble getting closer, I try to let out a yell but I’m very weak,

I’m here!, with one burst of energy I scream, I’m here! I’m here!.

Keith Garrett


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