Are they out there somewhere beyond the earth,

Do they study us as we sleep, what do you think?

What happens behind closed doors, we have an idea,

But what closed doors are worse than another?

Does it really happen? yes, it does, they spy from within,

The dollar exchanges hands in every land, good and bad.

They’re taken and sold, disappear without a trace,

Money to be gained in any type of place.

Does it really happen? don’t close your eyes to the day,

I’m not trying to be of a cynical mind but something is coming our way.

Keith Garrett


4 thoughts on “DOES IT REALLY HAPPEN?

  1. I share your feeling that we’re being manipulated – by money? By aliens? By the illuminati? Who knows. Something is coming but maybe what that is involves us seeing the puppeteers and dismantling their power base.

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