A matter of faith, yes! this must be as I don’t understand,

Many tales of bad things happening all over this great world.

Although there is much suffering everywhere, I never blame God,

Fore many things are the cause of man, piece by piece the world crumbles.

A story of a man I recall many years ago from a town, Yorba Linda,

He was the reverend of a church, the Moravian Church across from the school.

Cared about people, loyalty to this church and his family, a loving man,

Never a bad deed, throughout life always a helping hand, I remember him.

I have been told of his days now, living with Parkinson’s Disease, he lives,

I don’t understand why a man such as this, devoted to doing good was given this.

A man of God, this is not that which he deserves, for a reason I suppose, God knows,

I don’t understand why some things should be for the wrong man, I don’t understand.

Keith Garrett


7 thoughts on “I DON’T UNDERSTAND

  1. Apostle Paul had some kind of physical ailment. 3 times he asked God to remove it. In Paul’s mind it probably hindered his ministry. The Lord said No my grace is sufficient for you. In your weakness My strength is made perfect.
    What we think is a bad thing is according to God’s perfect plan and He knows exactly what He’s doing and His man here was made perfect for God’s purpose by the disease

  2. I saw something like this in the movie God is Not Dead 2. They said in the movie that ailments and disease make us long for a closer relationship with God and for another spiritual realm like heaven free from these things. I’ve also seen it described with Japanese art. When pottery is broken in Japan it is reconstructed and sealed with gold filament making the pottery more valuable. Sometimes we become broken or hurt by things so that we can be filled up with the gold filament of compassion and empathy for others and love.
    In the story of Joseph in the Bible, he endured terrible hardships but learned that what others meant for his harm would be used towards the greater good. Disease can do this too, some become hard from disease and others become softer…..all depends on the person.

  3. I read with great interest your poem and the replies you have received.
    I am not a Christian, so my views are different but I hope just as valid.
    I believe we all elect to come to the Earth to learn lessons, knowing we will have no memory of who we are and where we come from. Our Spirit is born into a helpless human baby. We learn as we grow and dependant upon our parents, we will be influenced by them. When we are adults, lessons will be presented to us in different ways, until we learn them. Through pain, disease and disability comes the path to enlightenment.
    I like to call it ‘the road least travelled’ with a thank you to Robert Frost, I believe.
    Regards Carolyn
    Eclectic Solitary Witch.

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