Wow!, think about it, everyone has changed just as the times have changed,

Way back in time when food had to be hunted for daily, appreciation for a bite.

Today fast food on every corner that is slowly killing all around the world,

When we don’t finish our plates then we simply toss it away, down the drain.

There was a time when a man could drink from a lake or stream, refreshing,

Today without an intelligent thought it is perhaps for a dollar polluted water.

Way back in the west, many places, in fact, a body could rest their weary head

Under a tree, make camp and sleep, hunt, have some peace without a stare,

We come to the future where a person is now labeled homeless, we stare.

Loitering and vagrancy are the words used, no sleeping, hard to survive,

Move along it will be said to the one who dares to be free and live in peace.

It’s come to where neighbors fighting and the sounds of sirens are the way,

Nature is screamed at, a burden to many as they make their beautiful sounds in the day.

Trash in the streets but that’s okay, another will clean it if they come this way,

Thinking of man, this way of the future, we now pay a price for water, air, and even dirt.

Keith Garrett

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