I think of being a child so long ago in the snow,

My family was much younger in those days of course.

A father young with energy, a mother full of life and friends,

When Batman and the Munsters were a favorite show of my day.

Coloring books from the past, Milton the monster show and more,

Bozo the clown or the Billy Barty show, Massachusetts long ago.

From the East to the West, life would change in a big, big, way,

What a different place, to this day I miss where I use to play.

Memories from Elementary school, games played, friends of the time,

From where I started to where I now stand, so much in between.

Change never goes away, faces fade and nothing remains the same,

Thoughts of the past keep me company, are they the only things that last.

Keith Garrett


2 thoughts on “THOUGHTS OF THE PAST

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