Leaving out of North Dakota, heading for Odessa Town,

Hopped up into my ole’ truck, eighteen wheels under my butt.

Haulin’ a load of lumber and steel,

Me and my music box, my hands on the steering wheel.

I’m headin’ for the heat of Texas,

It’s gonna be a long, long, road, don’t you know.

I turned up some good ole’ country tunes,

Time to put the hammer down.

This life I chose, on the road it’s to anywhere I roam,

Just a simple Kansas farm boy, one day I’ll go back home.

Eighteen wheels, rollin’ down the highway,

Eighteen wheels, doin’ it my way.

Just a good ole’ boy with places to be,

A country heart and I got things to see,

Eighteen Wheels and I’m runnin’ free.

Keith Garrett

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