Take a fantastic journey into their world,

The birds so exotic watching high in the trees.

Sounds come from hidden places of darkness,

Snakes slither and hang from tree branches.

Tigers and panthers roam quietly for prey,

Monkey’s sing out as apes go their own way.

Insects fly far and wide, an Aardvark is noticed,

Baboons speak a different way, Cheetah’s on the prowl.

Chimps or Cougars, Elephants so loud,

Watch for a Gorilla, a Hyena is found.

A Jaguar is seen searching the grounds,

Climbing a tree, a Koala is around.

A Leopard has spots and talks his own way,

As for the Mongoose, what does he say?

Wild dogs and Wolverines, Zebras and birds,

Jungle music is played, they all know the tune.

Keith Garrett

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