Crime in the streets, it goes on in the day and by dark of night,

Anger and mistrust are now an epidemic of disease running wild.

Shooting guns are everywhere, open your eyes, beware as the enemy is here,

We are hated but laughed at all around this spinning globe, we are weakening, they know.

It is us who are deadlier, more dangerous than those who surround and invade,

Standing together we pretend, we are each one on our own, make no mistake, we are alone.

Our lives matter but only to us, there is no high power who cares if we survive or turn to dust,

Can you see it? every day the horror encircles our American way, we slowly decay, soon to go away.

An uncertain America where the flag moves slowly down, shredding a little each day,

Something wicked is coming soon our way, be well prepared with trust only in yourself.

Keith Garrett



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