Set out early do I before the light, before the sunrise,

Hear the waves crashing near the shore as I begin my stroll.

Scent of the ocean spray wakens me as I start out across the sand,

Seaweed I see washed up on the shore, my bare feet are planted in the wet earth.

My trek across the ancient sand takes me from pier to pier with the wind in my hair,

Walking between the dry and wet sand, my thoughts are scattered everywhere.

Feeling free with the sun beginning to rise, I can now look out and see the ocean,

As the sun rises more and darkness goes to sleep, the water seems to shimmer and sparkle.

As I step upon the warming sand, walking along from pier to pier, seagulls are gathering,

I am mostly alone in the early morning, faces of few pass me by with a quiet hello.

The wind, sky, ocean, are beautiful today, the sun shines down on me, how can life be not great,

I would remain here in this place forever, all around is nothing but the creator’s treasure.

Keith Garrett


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