We explore the seven seas, mine for gold, silver, and coal,

All the digging we can do, deeper in the Earth for oil we go.

To the moon, we have traveled, in space a traffic jam will be,

Chip away at all we can touch, we take and take too much.

Destroy life so that we may discover and learn, stop while we can,

The more we touch then more is a mess we make of what we have left.

We use this world as a study tool, tear it apart until there is nothing to use,

The more we touch, one day may be no other place to go.

Keith Garrett

4 thoughts on “THE MORE WE TOUCH

  1. I love the message behind this. We humans move to an area, extinguish all the resources and once we have completely destroyed that environment, we abandon it and move on to the next place only to do the same thing again. Exactly like a virus.

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