I saw you walking to school, on the bus you rode,

Driving by in your parent’s car, I saw you standing.

I saw you at the baseball field, so very young were you,

At Tastee Freeze on a warm Summer day, remember you and me.

Hanging out at Winchell’s, I saw you when we were teens,

I saw you at Thrifty’s, after school, and maybe a Saturday,

A triple scoop of Ice cream was fifteen cents back when we did dream.

I saw you at the pizza place, at the rat hole skateboarding mean,

I saw you yesterday Yorba Linda, on a playground, children were we.

I saw the hills, I saw your house, I saw you everywhere,

I saw you yesterday, Yorba Linda. when we were all just thirteen.

I saw the sun come up, I saw for years watching it go down,

I saw you, Yorba Linda, from when I found you oh! what a town.

Keith Garrett


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