For so long now a crushing pain, out of the darkness I find my way,

The sky I see above rests over the mountain I must climb.

A glow of light finds me as I make my way up the endless giant,

There’s a faith that guides, I am not afraid fore many will stand with me.

Inside this body lives a spirit of never ending fight for survival,

Something so strong, it conquers the force of doubt in another man.

I may not reach the top but I will try, I will get there, I’ll touch the sky,

Lost was I this man of many sorrows, a change in myself is discovered.

Such a long road on my own to follow, travel it with me now and forever,

I’ve seen the mountain, I’ve climbed high with blood and pain, to the top.

Many have come to watch my flight from the morning’s light into the dark,

With me they stood strong, they helped me climb when I weakened.

Something so strong as I would not fall, their strength gave me courage,

The mountain still stands, again I will climb stronger each time.

Keith Garrett

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