Darkness falls, the sun drifts off to sleep in this part of the land,

Dinner is served as hunger rests in my stomach and mind.

I’m tired as this is my time to relax and enjoy shows of the night,

Comedy is my friend as I forget the hardship and worldly problems.

A candle glowing on a table is a peaceful sight in this room with soft light,

The crickets can be heard from the yard in the evening quiet.

Slowly fading into a beautiful dream state on the couch with a drink,

The blinds are closed and the door opened as the lights are turned out.

A snack and thoughts of the coming days and all that may be are dreamed,

In the evening I can lay in the dark, close my eyes, and drift off to different sounds.

In the evening I am at peace as the dark, quiet, world soothes my never ending soul.

Keith Garrett

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