Jealousy for a young girl would soon turn to grief,

Wishing selfishly that her newborn brother would never be.

Through coincidence and reasons only God knows, a brother dies,

Believing in her heart and mind that her bad thoughts are to blame

She travels far, high upon a mountain where closer to God she might be.

Tired, so very tired as she lays herself down upon the mountain ground,

Before she sleeps a prayer she makes to God for her brothers’ life in place of her own.

When the morning light shines this child awakes covered in warmth and a man with a smile,

Where did he come from as he asks how she slept and a bowl of hot porridge offered to her?

He asks of her journey there, he is a most unusual sort of man who appears to possess much wisdom,

She speaks of her conversation with God as he listens with a look of great understanding.

“What is your name she asks,” I am Jonathan! this is my mountain and you are far from home,

I wanted to be as high as possible so that God would hear me when I said I was sorry.

Listen, child! It’s not your fault, he has made his decision, your brother with him, you with your family,

Was this a miracle that a father found his daughter high on a mountain, was he shown the way,

Where was Jonathan, was he an angel,? she shared time with him, never again was he seen.

Keith Garrett


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