It’s been many seasons since a pen in hand has written a first,

A poem about dark times, running from everything horrible.

Today may be a fantasy poem or something about a dream,

In between the world, I have seen, traveled within my mind.

Hear from me all the great and wonderful places I have been,

Listen as I also tell you of sadness and hiding from the world.

I’ve been to the moon, seen the universe from a different view,

Climbed the top of mountains, across the ocean to many lands.

From a long time ago, I have traveled to places of farms and the old

I’ve seen monsters, things of legends, and scary stories told.

Sleigh rides through the snow, to the north pole I have flown,

I have seen the boss on stage singing songs of my choice and desire.

I have been everywhere and seen everything, I have traveled with the wind,

I have ridden with cowboys across the open range, another time and place.

Free to be, many poems written in a world that only I can only see.

Keith Garrett


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