On the shore, sounds of the ocean are heard,

You can hear crashing of the waves, close your eyes.

In the afternoon, a Summer breeze, it whispers to me,

A windy day, Just listen! to the sounds that come your way.

A cricket on a warm, humid night, silence visits but there is life,

Just listen! you can hear whatever visits your wanting mind.

Keith Garrett


17 thoughts on “JUST LISTEN!

  1. I kind feel like I read each line way too fast. I seen the line breaks and commas, but adding some stressed words near the end of the lines will be great for this specific poem. Just because of how powerful they are.

  2. Hello. I enjoy reading your posts! In fact, I have nominated your blog for ‘The Sunshine Blogger Award’! I hope you don’t mind and I hope you choose to participate!

  3. Thoughtful. But your use of words distracts from the rhythm of the prose,for example:, “you can hear the crashing of the waves, might be improved with you feel waves crashing. Tthe words also do not help me understand the feeling of the wave or “its salty smell as it blankets or rolls on to the once damp shore replacing drying browned seedweed with a new green cover as it splashing carelessly on the beach
    each wave busting with a song unigue from those before it..
    Just some thoughts .

      • i think you have the soul of a poet. I hope my comments were not viewed in a negative way. I stopped writing poetry after I a serious disease and was “confined” to a power wheelchair. My thoughts are base on a Poetry course I took in College, and my Poetry withing before, so I really am no expert. But I think anyone who can do what you do can use comments as a sounding board for their potential value to your writing. I think we should encourage honest and substantive feedback.

      • You have done what so many others with significant trauma would have just accepted their fate and sat in silent fear podering why God had dimissed you. Yet, you overcame the fear through poetic expression. Kudos!!
        wondering why this was God’s plan

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