The Summer heat, laughter and Ice cream cones,

Basketball, kickball, under a favorite tree with dreams.

Reading books, Cafeteria food and of course there was you,

Walking in the morning sun to school, before we were thirteen,

Elementary school, remember with me many Yorba Linda scenes.

Yearbooks and mad magazines, swimming pools and little league teams,

Stop N’ go on a bicycle for a coke, maybe a magazine, who knows,

Seven eleven and pinball, a pizza and maybe a Saturday show.

These things I remember from a beautiful town what is a lifetime ago,

We traveled many roads within the four seasons, we met at different schools,

Things I remember from within my mind, together these adventures with you.

Once you were a child, a teenager in the sun running wild, days so long ago,

Do you recall them, dear friend, I wish that I could see you just once again.

We left shadows, a part of each and every one of us back there in that special town,

We hung out and ran through the streets until our childhood sun went slowly down.

A Yorba Linda town.
Keith Garrett


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