A story to tell as on the eve of the civil war it would come to be a birth.

An Irish neighborhood in New York City, November twenty third eighteen fifty-nine.

William Henry McCarty JR. later known as the infamous outlaw Billy the kid.

A mother known as Katherine, a father unknown, a little boy would never know.

William H. Bonney would one day join the Lincoln County war, life would become short.

Legend tells that he killed twenty one men, later a folk hero is told.

Five foot nine he stood, blue eyes, smooth complexion, sometimes a friendly sort.

Some say he was a neat dresser, liked to sport his Mexican sombrero.

Billy was skilled with firearms, a cowboy, gambler, cattle rustler, he was an outlaw.

Sheriff Pat Garrett would come to hunt him down, Billy was only a kid, what waited for him.

He was cornered, shot, and killed by a man, a lawman July fourteenth eighteen eighty one.

He was only twenty one when his life ended, a young man dies back in a time at Fort Sumner

New, Mexico, Pat shot him down, He was an outlaw but he was once a mother’s son.

Rest in peace Billy the kid.

Keith Garrett


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