Run fast! run! and try to hide from an evil night,

Fear Is an ugly sight, heroes run for their lives, they die.

Bullets rain from the sky, from a window up so high,

Screams are many, what rings out drops them to the ground.

Those who were spared this night died forever a little inside,

By morning’s light so quiet as the dead lay still, no more alive.

On a peaceful, night blood spilled plenty, no reasons or why,

Listen as music and song turn to neverending cries, death visits this night.

Faces from many places, fifty eight would meet their fate, In the wrong place,

Run for your life! a concert, a festival, how can such a thing happen, not right.

Make sense of It, If you were so lucky to survive, scars that will forever bring tears to your eyes,

Deadly was the night, by morning light spirits would fly high beyond the sky.

Keith Garrett

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