I remember you, Mr. Parsons, from such a long time ago,

You woke to a morning, nineteen seventy eight is when I met you.

A young man with a smirk on your face, a walk to school you go,

Skatefactory and parties on many weekend nights, your teenage life.

I have been told you did frequent friends church at one time,

The love of music, I heard you did sing Beth as a youngster,

That Popeye’s imitation of yours was not too bad with a laugh.

I remember you well in the afternoon of your life, some good times,

We were roommates, you, my brother, and I, we worked side by side.

Many adventures from city to city, in the heat and rain we traveled each day,

So many stories were told, memories of days in a town, Placentia.

Robbie, friend of ours, there was happiness and laughter, that was real,

At one time it was you who did join the Air Force,

What later darkness and torment hovered within your soul?

It’s late afternoon, the sun is going down, where went your smile,

Darkness falls upon the land, God has come and taken hold of your hand,

Do not fear as pain and sorrow are no more here, you have gone away.

In heaven may your smile be always bright, no pain beyond life,

Listen to your music, sing your favorite song, eternity is all yours.

Rest in peace, friend,

Keith Garrett


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