" TODAY, TOMORROW, AND FOREVER"

   Today It Is that I awake to a new life, a new morning, this morning,

  Yesterday doesn't need me anymore, she holds' no place In her heart.

 Dreams' die hard fore wishes are merely a fairytale, make believe,

  Float do I on a cloud of hope and prayer, seeing my world day to day.

  Does tomorrow wait for me, If so, look forward to my visit I will,

  Not yet written, what words' does It have for me, does It hold for me a story.

  Forever In this world I cannot be, I will fade away, a memory I must be,

    Today, tomorrow, and forever, there will always be, a forever awaits me.

                                                                        Keith Garrett


  1. Hi Keith,
    I am unable to read your poems since you started using the block editor, ‘verse’ block. I can only read half the page on my mobile, I will check my laptop and see if I can read them all there.
    I use the same thing which is fine for haiku and tanka but can mess up longer poems. Maybe an email to the happiness engineers! Lol 😆 Best regards, Carolyn Xxx

  2. Instead of using the “verse” option in your block editor, just choose “paragraph” and report it to I will report it too. The more people who report it, the more likely they will fix it. I hope this helps.
    Best regards
    Carolyn xxx

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