FEELINGS' OF FALL

         There's a change of seasons,' It's In the air,

             The night turns to a crisp Autumn cold.

        The shadows appear early as the days' become less,

             A chill comes to settle here In the West.

 The leaves change of color before they float gently to the ground,

     Not a sound do they make as they touch where they're bound.

          From dawn until dusk, swiftly travels' the sun,

      The moon shows Its' face sooner as early the days' done.

             The fog starts to move along the shore,

                Now that It's Fall, Summer no more.

          These things that we call, feelings' of Fall.

         Keith Garrett

6 thoughts on “FEELINGS OF FALL

  1. This morning I walked outside and thought how chilly it was. A couple weeks ago I was in Florida. I asked myself today “What is better? Opening the door to see how hot it is or how cold it is?” I haven’t come up with an answer.

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