SADNESS IN THE SMOKE

 Flames In the darkness, flames of fright, run, run Into the night,

     Men of fear, men who fight through the night, a fire fight.

   Sadness and pain as the heat and smoke devour natures beauty,

   Who's to blame for this destruction placed upon all good men.?

 They run, they hide but where to hide, animals,' creatures of all kind,

            Death comes to visit, too take away the Innocent without feeling or care.

  Fix your eyes to the tears' from those whom see the land die and die,

  Look to the sky, watch as It rises, a picture of sadness In the smoke.

    The wind will blow but there will be no trees for It to pass through,

          The grass you will not see, the animals' are gone.

           Some men do not stand anymore, they disappear with this tragedy,

   That must be forever remembered, some day we will learn to love

                   This land that was created.

  Sadness In the smoke above these hills' that burn for the world to see,

     Eyes must be opened before It's to late, before this land goes away.

                                                 Keith Garrett     

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