WHAT MAKES A MAN CRY?

       Loss from his heart or a fear haunting Inside,

       Death of a friend or a love dying slowly, why?

       Loneliness created by a life of anger and pain,

         What makes a man cry, what makes a man cry.

          Whom will understand, who might know why,

     The things In the heart of a man that make him cry.

       Macho and tough are a disguise, only a facade,

          Two sides of emotion, a real man can cry.

      The wanting and care from a woman who knows tears,

          What makes a man cry, the hurt In her eyes.

          What makes a man cry, she who says goodbye.

          Keith Garrett 

2 thoughts on “WHAT MAKES A MAN CRY?

  1. It takes, a REAL man, to cry physically that’s for sure, and yet, the males are socialized, that boys don’t cry, and, because boys aren’t allowed to cry, when they become men, they don’t cry either…

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