THE WRESTLER

        Broken down, a man ageing In appearance and spirit,

         A lonely road Is wandered by this wanting warrior.

  His pain Is out there, It Is of the heart, love lives In the ring,

    The world does not need him, what he needs Is no longer there.

  Tears run down an old but regretting face, see him as he searches,

  Loneliness Is a prison of un-wanting sorrow, his fight has an end.

    Scars of yesterdays' blood are a reminder to a once young soul,

  The only thing of value left for a man Is one final goodbye dance.

    He Is the wrestler, battles within him are now done, darkness lingers',

  He walks In the sand, he sees the sinking sun, his day Is almost done.

He struggles to the ropes as he rises one more time through the pain,

 A tear, a smile, through the air, fade to black, he Is the wrestler.

     Keith Garrett

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